Commercial Sun Control Window Tinting

Enjoy the Bounty of Natural Light

One of your building’s greatest attributes also causes the greatest discomfort — its windows. Glass improves the appearance of a building, so why not improve upon that asset by installing Lakeside Window Tint Solar Film? We specialize in large installations and can help you select a window film that will not only save you energy, but will also improve comfort levels in numerous ways.

Year-Round Energy Savings and Heat Reduction

Blinds and draperies are great for keeping the heat out — but not so great for your electric bill. If your tenants are relying on these window treatments to maintain a comfortable office or classroom environment, then you’re probably paying a lot for interior lighting. Lakeside Window Tint Solar Film prevents up to 79% of the heat from permeating a glass surface. Treated windows save on air conditioning costs — up to one ton of A/C for 100 square feet of glass! And by being more efficient, your HVAC system may require less maintenance during its lifetime.

Stop the Thermostat Duel

Maintaining a stable temperature in a large building can be difficult, and productivity drops when people are overheating or shivering. Lakeside Window Tint Solar Film helps stabilize temperatures and make rooms and offices more comfortable. It even reduces glare, making viewing a computer screen or digital device a breeze.

High Quality Window Films

If you’re concerned about minimizing heat intrusion, but are worried that a dark, metallic film is your only option, then Lakeside Window Tint Solar Film will surprise you. We offer window films that perform to the highest industry standards — without containing metal.

Protect Furnishings and Inventory from Sun Damage

Furnishings, carpeting, cubicle upholstery, and other interior surfaces can quickly fade due to ultraviolet (UV) rays that enter through untreated glass. Lakeside Window Tint Solar Film minimizes that damage by filtering out 99.9% of the UV rays. While window film alone cannot completely prevent fading, you can certainly slow the process while allowing the beauty of natural light to enter.

A Valuable Return on Investment

How many other improvements can you make to your building that can pay for themselves within five years? Installing Lakeside Window Tint Solar Film pays for itself in less than five years by rejecting excessive heat in the summer and retaining precious interior warmth in the winter.

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