Superior Commercial Window Film Solutions

For more than 22 years, business owners, government agencies, and academic institutions have relied on the expertise of Lakeside Window Tint. We know that every building faces unique challenges, which is why we offer the industry’s leading window tinting products to address concerns about bullet-proofing, delaying forced entry, and sun control as well as decorative installations to customize your facility.

Safety & Security Window Film

If strong winds, earthquakes, severe weather, or potential explosions are a concern, Lakeside Window Tint Safety Film can prevent shattered glass from disbursing into an occupied area. These specialty films are available for storefronts, schools, and government buildings, and they safeguard occupants from potential injury.

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Solar Window Film

Large buildings with expansive windows are beautiful — and present a host of sun-related problems. With Lakeside Window Tint Solar Film, buildings are more energy efficient and less prone to internal damage from ultraviolet rays. Annoying glare becomes a thing of the past, and the curb appeal improves because there’s no need to pull the blinds or draw the curtains.

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Decorative Window Film

Etched or sand blasted glass might be desirable, but it’s also incredibly expensive. Lakeside Window Tint Decorative Film can be custom cut into the design of your choosing to create a dynamic look. It can also create private spaces without sacrificing natural light.

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If you’re looking for a solution that controls heat or glare, reduces energy usage, provides a decorative solution, or makes your building more secure, then give the experts at Lakeside Window Tint a call today to discuss the window film options that best suit your needs.

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